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Regional e-mail lists

Asia Cyber Ward
A news and announcement list for current and former members of any Asia-based English-speaking unit of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (key words: Mormon, LDS, Asia). Announce reunions, adoptions, job changes, new babies, moves, and any other news, that the rest of us might be able to clap and cheer for you.

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LDS Africa - Mailing List
News & general discussion for African Latter-day Saints.

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LDS Canada - Mailing List
News & general discussion for Canadian Latter-day Saints.

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LDS Oregon and Washington Sisters
This is a list for gals that live in Oregon & Washington that are LDS. This is a discussion list primarily to get to know other LDS gals in our area, to set up get together's locally, and to discuss things involving Oregon & Washington as well as other things unrelated to OR & WA.

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LDS-Eurasia Discussion List
News and discussion of the Church in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia.

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Liahona Riverside, California
This is support group for families of homeschool children in and around the Riverside CA area. Although we are mostly LDS, we do not have a statement of faith. We meet twice a month for park day and get together at least once a month for a field trip.

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New York Area LDS News
NY Area LDS News is a list for distributing news and information about events in the New York City area, including Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and New York State up to 100 miles from New York City.

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World Wide LDS
List dealing with the worldwide Church.

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Ask Gramps
Chastity has so many definitions. How far can I go before it’s called “sinning”?
What does it mean to be a savior on Mt. Zion?
How could we have always existed if we were born of heavenly parents?
Will there be both agency and evil during the millennium?
I’m having a hard time coming up with an idea for a seminary devotional. Can you help?
If things are only going to get worse why should we even bother trying to make things better?
Who announces who the new Prophet will be?

Church News and Events
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Finding Incredible: What Cancer—and Trials—Can Teach Us
President Packer Teaches about Surviving in Enemy Territory at Seminary Centennial
Jenny Oaks Baker Shares Testimony
A Backstage Look at the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert
Watch the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert Finale
Bible Videos Actors Share Thoughts on Christmas Nativity

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Church in the News
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