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Home Schooling and Education Mailing and Discussion Lists

Classical LDS Home School
This list is for LDS and other Christian parents who homeschool their children using the Classical Education (Trivium) approach. Using principles of revealed Christian religion, including teachings of the restored gospel and latter-day prophets, we will focus on the classical curriculum and how to apply it within the LDS homeschool environment. Come join us! Share your ideas, and what has worked for you. Beginners welcome.

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This is a group for parents, teachers and homeschoolers for grades K through 12. Find activities, lesson ideas & lesson plans, crafts, recipes that go with theme units, links (including worksheet and coloring pages) and more. I also have a preschool group edupratt-preschool.

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Homeschoolers Of Latter Days (HOLD)
LDS homeschool support including worldwide and local email groups, information, LDS homeschooling contacts, etc.

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LDS Charlotte Mason Method of Education
LDS-CMers: an email support group for Latter-day Saint homeschoolers who are using or studying the Charlotte Mason method of education.

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LDS Home Education
An email support group for parents who have chosen to educate their children at home. Ideas, tips, encouragement, and valuable information shared.

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LDS Homeschool
List for LDS families who are thinking about or are currently homeschooling their children. This list is for sharing ideas, uplifting and supporting each other in the education of our children. While primarily geared towards mothers, fathers are also encouraged to join. We would like this to be a family affair.

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LDS Homeschool Moms
This list is for the LDS mom who has chosen to educate her child at home. It can provide a forum to share ideas, concerns, etc... There are many philosophies on homeschool and all may be discussed freely.

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LDS Homeschool Support Group
This list is for LDS families who homeschool ALL of their children. It is not for families who have any of their children in public school. We homeschool all of our children either through a charter school, private school umbrella, private school afadavit or on our own. The premise is that we believe public school to be harmful emotional, socially, physically and spiritually to the growth of children and would only put our children in public school if the Lord commanded us to.

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LDS Homeschooling in California
Great way for LDS homeschoolers in California to find each other.

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LDS Learn
LDSLearn is a forum for Latter-day Saint homelearners, natural learners, and others interested in alternative learning approaches. All are welcome, but be aware that most members of this list lean toward child-led learning and attachment parenting.

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LDSHomeschooling.org - Unifying the LDS Homeschooling Movement
A non-profit site dedicated to unifying the LDS homeschooling movement by connecting support groups, individuals, information and other resources in one place.

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Pratt's pre-edupratt
Find fun things for children ages 1 1/2 - 5 years old that include: arts and crafts, themes, fingerplays, songs, rhymes, links (including worksheets and coloring pages, etc.), games, activities, recipes that go along with theme units, or any thing children of this age group will enjoy.

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Saints and Scholars
Saints and Scholars is a list for LDS and other Christian parents who homeschool their gifted or academically advanced children. This list will take a serious look at the ways in which homeschooling shapes our lives and the lives of our children. The list is specifically geared toward academic homeschooling.

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School of Abraham LDS Homeschool Email Groups
Welcome to the School of Abraham online LDS homeschool support system. We have nine email groups to meet your needs. Our moderators are carefully chosen and our list members are great. Come join us for companionship along the way. Search our archives for answers. Tell a friend about School of Abraham! Then come and share your day with us.

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