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Arts and Literature Mailing lists

Association for Mormon Letters
An Internet mailing list for the discussion of Mormon literature.Mormon literature includes, but is not limited to, fiction, poetry, drama, essay, biography, family history, and children's literature, by, for, or about Mormons, and also the literary dimensions of scripture.

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Discussion List Devoted to Writing and Reading Mormon Speculative Fiction
This is a mailing list devoted to discussing issues related to writing and reading Mormon speculative fiction, which includes all forms of science fiction and fantasy by and for Mormons.

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LDS Musicians
Bringing LDS musicians of all types together to share ideas, concerns, questions, and information related to contemporary LDS music. Songwriters, vocalists, guitarists, pianists, instrumentalists, whatever-ists! This e-mail group will not be a place to debate doctrine, politics, or philosophy. It is meant for the exchange of musical ideas and information that relates to the LDS performing and recording musician.

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Mormon Poets List
This is a list for those who share a faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed in their membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (sometimes called the Mormons). And who choose or feel compelled from time to time to express this love and interest, and other great passions and interests in their lives, through the medium of poetry.

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We are a group of LDS writers who are helping each other become the best writers we can be. We critique up to two manuscripts per week of at most 10,000 words in length. The manuscripts are LDS literature.

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Ask Gramps
What is a woman’s real purpose?
How can we justify the writings in the Journal of Discourses?
How come things have been going wrong ever since we started paying our tithing again?
Do non-members get a pass on this life if they accept the gospel in the next life?
Since John in Revelation proscribes adding to the words of the prophecy of this book, would that make any other subsequent scripture wrong?
What about the trinity of the Godhead?
Can I repent of past lies even I can’t remember them all?

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